About Us

About Us

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Who we are

We are one of a fastest growing Staffing company based out of Chennai with operations stretching since Jan 2018. We have been providing end-end solutions for all Human Resource related needs. As an organization we strive to be the best to create solutions for all your staffing requirements, regardless of level or length of contract.

At Present, we have more than 800+ employees who are working under our roll for some of our client projects Located in Bengaluru, Chennai, Hyderabad, Coimbatore & Vijayawada. Whether it is Skilled or Un-Skilled Level, we have catered our footprint across various spectrums.

We are known for in-depth industry knowledge and expertise with established networks and deep relationships. Our commitment to create positive long term outcomes for both our clients and our candidates has elevated us as partners rather than a Staffing firm.

We dedicate our time & energy to meet individuals to understand their career aspirations and connect them with the available opportunities. Through quality assessment and mentoring, we match the best resources with the finest companies. We have successfully delivered on finding talent for niche requirements for our clients. We remain committed to our core values which is Customer First, Quality, Honesty, Integrity, Trust, and Perseverance to continually stay ahead of our competitors.


• Our people work within a demanding environment which enables individuals to realize their full potential

• PACT has the ability to conduct focused search for critical and key skill sets and positions

• PACT strives to find the right fit - both in terms of skills as well as work culture

• Identify and contact high-potential candidates faster than the competition

• Highly efficient & effective in our process

• Quick turnaround time of 12 - 24 hours

• Keep recruitment costs down & provide quality Resources

• Facilitate instant access to top talent across a wide range of skill sets

• Significant investment in recruiters focusing on their niche skills and skill up gradation

• We are a young, energetic and entrepreneurial team with an intense hunger to grow

• Strong strategic partnership with leading vendors across diverse tools, technologies & platforms

Our Philosophy

At PACT, we believe success begins and ends with people. By bringing quality people to a team and empowering them with the right skills, knowledge and resources, you are taking the necessary steps towards success.
Employees are the most valuable asset of any company, and by creating a system that allows them to grow both professionally and personally, you are ensuring they reach their full potential.
We engage with our clients and candidates to take their Organization and career to the next level.